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Ultimately, 36 Days Left in 2020

What Goals Will You Achieve?

Do you remember your last year’s resolutions or the ones before? No? Don’t waste another year of your lifetime and start with your biggest goals now!

Sometimes it can be hard to change something in your life. Goal setting helps you take control. VidaGoals is designed to help you to ignite your inner power and to boost your personal growth. It can help you to achieve what you really want instead of what others might expect of you.

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You get a clear picture of what really matters to you and why. VidaGoals assists and motivates you to stay on track, work towards and to reach your goals.

Just a few simple rules can dramatically increase the chances of achieving your goals. VidaGoals can help you here.

  • Write down your (SMART — Specific, Measurable, Action-oriented, Realistic, Time-bound) goals
  • Keep your goals visible
  • Always know your next action
  • Be accountable (share with your supporters)
  • Review status and progress
  • Do not have too many goals at a time (five to seven might be ideal)
  • Keep it simple

If you do just that you are probably already doing better than 99% of people when it comes to goal setting.

What VidaGoals is for: Our goal is to provide you with a simple, easy to use goal setting and motivation tool in your pocket. VidaGoals helps you to find and to reach your goal and motivates you on the way. A goal is specific, has a target date, a strong “why” and always a next action.

Examples of those goals are:

  • Travel the World for one month next year
  • Get into a romantic relationship
  • Run a marathon next year
  • New Year’s Resolution like reach your ideal weight in six month
  • Write a book and publish it within the next 12 months
  • Find out what really matters for you (your life goal)
Clear guidance and motivation
Always see your biggest goals
Integrated goal setting course
Predefined (guided) and own goals
Nice widgets to keep your goals visible

What VidaGoals is not for: It is not designed to support you with helpful habits like to drink enough water or to exercise every week. It is also not a project management tool.

Do not waste your life. Start now and achieve your dreams. It is free. No sign-up required.

Our goal is to provide you with a simple yet powerful tool that helps you on your way towards reaching your goals.

VidaGoals will first be available as an Android App.  It can help you to change your life for the better and it is free.

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