Poisonous People

Helpful or Poisonous People

We all know them, we all hate them, these annoying people, these know-it-alls, these arrogant and intriguing people, these naysayers. They can make our lives harder, our jobs dreadful and they can get in our way when it comes to reaching our goals. Poisonous people can be a major obstacle when it comes to reaching …

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I Would Love To

I would love to

I would love to, but it does not happen. Have you heard that sentence before? I would love to have a romantic partner, but it does not happen. I would love to get a promotion but it does not happen. Guess what. Yes, you guessed right. It just won’t happen. Take a Chance Imagine you …

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Too Many Ideas


Having too many ideas definitely is a nice problem to have. It is certainly much better than having too little ideas or no ideas at all. But, what if we generate more ideas that we can realize? What, if we have completely different ideas every other week? Your Vision, Your Goal First of all you …

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