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Who Can Achieve Your Goals? Become That Person!

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Do you have a big goal and you are not sure whether you can achieve it or not? Do you know a person or two who already have achieved a similar goal? If they could do it, why not you?

Is Your Goal Attainable?

It Is Physically Possible

Is it physically possible to achieve your goal? For example it is against the laws of classical physics to travel faster than the speed of light. So, if this is your goal, you might want to reconsider it.

Just as a side note, even our knowledge of the physical world changes and what did not seem possible 100 years ago might well be possible today. Quantum mechanics might help you even with your goal to travel faster than the speed of light one day.

Nobody Did It Before

If something is physically possible but nobody did it before it requires a good amount of pioneering spirit to be the first one to achieve a specific goal.

It was once believed that it is impossible to run a mile in under four minutes. This was until Roger Bannister achieved just that in 1954. Interestingly less than two months later another runner broke this record and by the end of 1978 over 200 runners broke the once seemingly impossible barrier.

Someone Did It

Did someone already achieve a similar goal before? Very good. This is a proof that it is humanly possible and so chances are you can achieve this goal, too.

It might still be pretty hard. Imagine your goal is to walk on the moon. Sure, someone already achieved this but it might still be quite hard for you. You need a lot of resources and a big team to achieve your goal to walk on the moon. However, it is not entirely impossible and considering the recent progress in private space travel your dream might well become reality during your lifetime.

Someone Like You Did It

OK, astronauts are quite special people. There is a sophisticated selection process, you need specific physical and mental traits and you need a whole team to support you.

So, let’s take a more earthly goal, for example the goal to climb Mount Everest. Sure, you still need to be physically and mentally fit and you still need quite some resources, but there were much more people on Mount Everest than there were people on the moon.

You Did Something Similar Before

You are most likely to achieve your goal when you have achieved a similar goal before. If you finished the New York marathon already (and you are still under 90 years old) you probably feel the Berlin marathon is achievable for you as well. Or, if you ran a half marathon and you train hard and regularly, you might also achieve finishing a full marathon.

Reviews are a great tool to learn from your current and past goal achievements and then apply this knowledge and take it to the next level for your future goals.

Become a Goal Achiever

Now the question is of course, how can you achieve your goals? How can you become a goal achiever? We talked about this several times and of course you need to know your goal, why you would like to achieve it, have a plan and take action.

This is all true. However, one crucial aspect for achieving your goals is that you believe you can achieve them. If you don’t believe you can achieve your goals, why should you even try?

This is a question of your mindset, motivation and support. If your inner voices tell you, you can’t do it, you will have a hard time to get started and to keep going. Take care of your mindset and your inner voices as well as of the “outer voices” and of your environment.

Look for proof and confirmations that your goal is in fact achievable. This includes the initial motivation, strategies to maintain progress and possible recovery mechanisms.

Call to Action

Now it’s your turn. Think about your goal and think about who has already achieved it. How did they do it? Or, think about similar goals you have achieved in the past. How did you do it? What does it take to apply these learnings to achieve your current goal?

Do you need some help? Or, would you like to learn more about finding and achieving your goals? Check out our free mobile app or our booklet.

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