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A Crucial Ally for Reaching Your Goals: Your Inner Voice

Love your inner voice

Sarah has been in a relationship for a long time. Now, she is single for an even longer time. She is desperately looking for a new romantic partner. She was looking online and offline and finally, she found someone – Ken.

Ken seemed to be quite interested. They chatted a bit, they talked on the phone and they arranged a first date. Two days later, they met in a coffee shop. They talked, they talked a bit more, they looked each other in the eyes and they kissed. Then they said goodbye. Sarah was on cloud number nine. This was her man. He was funny, handsome, clever and even rich. So, she waited for Ken to call her. And, she waited, and waited, and then on the next day she decided to send Ken a message “Hi Ken, I enjoyed our evening so much. How is it going? Kisses, Sarah”. And, she waited for a reply, and waited and waited. She waited for ages, and then after five minutes Ken replied “Hi Sarah, nice to have met you. Maybe we can stay friends. Ken”.

Now Sarah Needs a Good Friend

Sarah was devastated. From cloud number nine she fell down through all the eight clouds underneath her and hit the ground hardly.

Sarah decided to turn to her best friend – Ivo. They met, they talked and then Ivo said “Sarah, listen.” Sarah was crying. “From all I know about Ken, he is a dream man. How can you expect such a man to fall in love with you? I mean, look at you. You are boring. You are ugly. You are fat.”. Bummer. Now, Sarah was even more devastated.

Do you think Ivo is a good friend? Probably not, but you need to know something about Ivo. Ivo knows Sarah very, very well. He knows her better than anyone else does. Ivo is Sarah’s inner voice I.vo. 😉

We all have those inner voices. Sometimes our inner voices are helpful, sometimes not.

Helpful Advice from Your Inner Voice

Let us say you have a goal – you would like to travel the world for one year. You talk to your best friend and she says you are completely crazy. You have a great job, a secure income, a nice apartment, friends and parents. Traveling the world sounds romantic but in fact it is dangerous, expensive, boring (if you travel alone) and uncomfortable (unless you can afford first-class flights and five-star hotels). When you come back, you have nothing, no job, no more savings and friends that hardly know you anymore. Would you not at least reconsider your plan? She is your best friend and you trust her. You probably would.

On the other side, what if your very best friend tells you how much she admires you for your plan to travel the world. You have so much to win. You gather exciting experiences, meet new people, free your mind, learn to handle challenging situations and get so many inspirations. She is truly proud of you that you are going to break out of your routine and start this life-changing adventure. When you come back, you will have invaluable wisdom and you can start a new job easily – and one you really enjoy. If you do not do it, you will surely regret this on your deathbed.

There is nothing good or bad about the intentions of either advice. Only, the latter is helpful for achieving your goal. The first one surely is an inhibitor.

Treat Your Inner Voice Well. Take care of your inner voice and make it your ally, you might end up listening to it. The following questions might help you:

  • Is my inner voice telling me the objective truth or just an opinion?
  • What is the intention of my inner voice?
  • Is the information helpful for what I would like to achieve?
  • If not, how can I make the message helpful, positive and motivating for me?

Your inner voice has a tremendous influence on your life. It knows you better than anyone else, but unconsciously it sometimes tends to be a bit negative.

Let your inner voice love you and love will come to you.

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