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Why Is Goal Setting Important?


It might be obvious, or maybe not. Having goals in life is important. But have you ever thought about why? Goal setting has some surprising benefits. At least if you do it right.

Why should you set goals?

From time to time we recommend to ask the question Why. For example, why would you like to achieve a certain goal? So, it might be a good idea to ask the question why we should use goal setting in the first place.

Good question and there are so many answers. Here are our top five about why goal setting is important:

1. It helps you to take control of your life

Having a goal means having a plan. Having a life goal means having a plan for your life. That puts you in control. You are the driver, not the passenger of your life.

Ultimately, goal setting helps you to leave your legacy.

2. It provides clarity and helps you with decisions and with prioritizing daily tasks

If you have a goal, this is your priority. There are other things going on left and right but your goal, by definition, is most important for you.

If you have a request coming in or a decision to make, your goal can work as a compass. Is this something that supports your goal? If not, you might want to say No.

3. It works as a tool to actually achieve and create something

This might be the most obvious one. Of course, if you have a goal, you would like to achieve it, for example write this book or found this company. Goal setting can be your planning tool. It defines the aspired end result, the milestones and also some ideas on how to get there.

4. Goal setting provides a sense of purpose and it is motivating in itself

Big goals or life goals define who you are as a person. They represent your mission in life, your purpose. Your goals are your drivers and they motivate you to strive even in difficult situations. If you have a strong goal, you will find a way to overcome obstacles.

5. It helps to be happier and thus it can have a positive impact on your health

Some studies suggest that goal setting can make you happier, at least if you set the right goals in the right way. Other studies suggest that happiness has a positive impact on our health.

Oh, and pursuing your goals should be fun too.

What is the alternative?

If you are still in doubt, think about the alternative. What happens if you do not set goals?

If you do not work for your own goals you will inevitably work for the goals of others. This is not necessarily a bad thing. For example you might help someone or you might have to work for a living. It becomes a problem, however, if you completely neglect your own goals. This is insidious and you might only recognize and regret this when it is too late – this is on your deathbed. What can be worse than a wasted life?

Goal setting helps you to live a fulfilled life.

Do you need help with your goal?

You can find more information about goal setting in our free eBook (download as PDF or ePub). If you are looking for a goal-setting app we recommend our free Android app VidaGoals.Get it on Google Play

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