Back to School – New Subject Goal Setting

Back to School

The Good During your school years, you have achieved some significant things – goals if you will. You have learned reading, writing, mathematics, science, sports and many other things. This is indeed quite amazing. Imagine you would like to achieve something similar today, for example learning a new language. It would be much harder, would …

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A Crucial Ally for Reaching Your Goals: Your Inner Voice

Love your inner voice

Sarah has been in a relationship for a long time. Now, she is single for an even longer time. She is desperately looking for a new romantic partner. She was looking online and offline and finally, she found someone – Ken. Ken seemed to be quite interested. They chatted a bit, they talked on the phone and …

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Happy Valentine’s Day – Give The Gift Of Happiness

Give the gift of happiness

Just to remind you, on February 14 is Valentine’s Day – the day of the lovers. The perfect present for Valentine’s Day What would be a nice little present for your significant other? Certainly, there are a lot of choices, a ring, flowers, socks, perfume, a car … Nice, but a bit boring, don’t you …

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