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Happy Valentine’s Day – Give The Gift Of Happiness

Give the gift of happiness

Just to remind you, on February 14 is Valentine’s Day – the day of the lovers.

The perfect present for Valentine’s Day

What would be a nice little present for your significant other? Certainly, there are a lot of choices, a ring, flowers, socks, perfume, a car …

Nice, but a bit boring, don’t you think? What about giving the person, you love something really special – happiness.

Is it possible to give the gift of happiness? Of course it is. Certainly, a diamond ring will make her happy, but this is not what I mean. There are certain activities and events that have a much bigger and longer effect. Even better if you can share the experience with someone you love.

In our VidaGoals app, you can find a happiness track. This guided goal offers little assignments for you every day with the objective to feel significantly happier within one month.

Guided Goal - Happiness
Guided Goal – Happiness

Go onto a happiness mission together

You might want to try it out by yourself. Or, you might want to give this to your sweetheart and go onto the happiness mission together. The daily assignments work very well for couples too. In the morning, you can check your assignment together and in the evening you can talk about your results. You can do some tasks together, like “Look Forward to Something”. Here, you can plan your vacation together or just look forward to your joint dinner. Other tasks suggest doing something for each other, like “Surprise Your Loved One”.

In order to make it more personal and convenient for you we have prepared a gift card for printing or for sending as PDF for you:

VidaGoals - Gift Card

You can download the VidaGoals app for Android here:Get it on Google Play

The happiness assignments are backed by science. If you do them together, this might not only make your partner and yourself happier, it might also strengthen your relationship. So, what can be a better present you can give (or receive) for Valentine’s Day?

All the best and your feedback is welcome as always.

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