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Let’s Be Honest: Did You Reach Your New Year’s Resolution?

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The end of the year is the time for reflection and goal-setting.

So, let’s be honest: Did you reach your New Year’s resolution of 2017? No? Then, would you like to improve in 2018?

Although there is plenty information available about goal setting, people still struggle to find out what is really important for them in their life and then to keep on track and to achieve this. People are too “busy” doing seemingly more important tasks.

We – your VidaGoals Team from Berlin, Germany – passionately researched this topic for years and now proudly came up with the very first version of our goal setting Website and app “VidaGoals”. This is a side hustle and there is more to come.

Sure, the overall idea is not new. But, since we could not find any goal-setting service that met our purpose (simple, practical and motivating enough), we decided to create one ourselves.

Here is our “magic sauce”

The VidaGoals App:
A simple app with the objective to be your personal goal-setting companion in your pocket. It helps you to find and to plan your most important goals and it keeps you motivated along the way. Available for Android. 

Get it on Google Play
We share stories about inspiring people and about their very personal approach to goal setting. We provide practical guidance and easy-to-use advice. Here you can find our first stories.

We aim to build an inspiring community where people support each other to achieve their goals.

We believe too many books are not written, too many businesses not started and much lifetime is wasted just because people are not following their goals.  Our mission is to help you with your most important goals.

Don’t waste another year of your life and start with your 2018 goals now!

We are excited to learn what you think and and please do not hesitate to contact us if you should have and questions.

Greetings from a cold day in Germany

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