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Spring Cleaning – Declutter Your Life

Spring Cleaning

It is getting warmer, the birds begin to sing – spring is coming. It is spring cleaning time. Cleaning up your house might not be the funniest thing you can imagine. On the other side the result can feel quite liberating.

Anyway, as you might have guessed, this article is not about cleaning up your house. If you look for house-cleaning advise, just leave a comment and we will find some suitable blogs for you 😉

Spring Clean Your Life

This article is about spring cleaning your life. How can you spring clean a life? Let’s go back to the house for a while. When you clean up your house you think about the things that you still need and other things that you did not use for a while and probably won’t need anytime soon. You through away old stuff and you make room for new things. You might also polish the things you keep.

It is the same for your life. From time to time it is a good idea to review what you are doing all day long, the people you hang out with and, yes, also the stuff you use.

Let’s focus on your activities here. Go through all the activities you do in the course of a normal week. Put everything that takes more than an hour in total into a list.

Now you can sort your activities into the following three categories:

  • Keep it
  • Leave it
  • Optimize it

You know what activity falls into what category by checking if this is something you really need to do, want to do and what impact it has on your goals. An example …

Keep It

Here you list all the obvious things first. Sleep, for example, is something you do not want to leave. In fact, enough sleep is very important and even helpful for reaching (and enjoying) your goals. If your goal is not to start a completely new life, also your day job is something you want to keep in this category – at least for now.

Then, there are some activities, that are not absolutely necessary but you enjoy them and they have a positive impact on your life. Spending time with your friends and having inspiring discussions definitely falls into that category.

Leave It

What activities just steel time and are unnecessary. The first thing that comes to my mind it watching TV.

But also consider these smaller activities that sum up over time. For example checking your phone way too often, quickly look into your Social Medial channel and then stay there for an hour or unproductive meetings at work are things you might want to minimize at least.

Optimize It

What of your activities can you optimize towards reaching your goal.

Take your commute for example. Usually this is not the most productive time of the day. But it does not need to be that way. What can you do during your commute that brings you closer to your goals? You might listen to audio books or Podcasts related to your goal. In other words, you can make your commute learning time. You can you even use your smart phone (hands free when driving) to leave yourself voice notes with ideas.

And, what about your evening hours? When you watch less TV, what other activities can you do instead? What has the biggest impact on reaching your goals? You can work on your goal directly of course. But you can also seek out supporting and inspiring activities that help you on your way towards your goal. Search Meetup for related meetings in your area. Here you often meet like-minded people, get new ideas and maybe also supporters for your goals. Or, join a Toastmasters club where you can improve your public speaking and leadership skills – something you need in almost all areas of your life.

Anyway, think of what you can change and optimize in order to use your time wisely. Always keep your goals in mind. Give them the right portion of your time. They deserve it.

Call to Action

Take some time to think about what activities in your day to day life have the biggest impact on your goals. Try to optimize your activities accordingly.

Try our Life Energy Tool where you can learn what activities have a positive or negative impact on your life (and goals).


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