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Time Travel – A Note To The Future You

Dear Future Me

Time travel is possible. In fact it is inevitable. We all travel from the past through the now into the future.

Let’s do a little time travel experiment ….

The Past You

Imagine you as a child. What dreams did you have? What did you want to become? Maybe an astronaut, a princess or a circus director? Of course, dreams change when you grow up.

When I was a child a friend of mine really wanted to become a circus director. Whenever I played with him it was only one thing – circus. He was the director and all the other children played clowns, circus artists, even animals.

Many years later, as an adult, my friend really became a circus director. The shining time of circus has long passed but my friend made his dream come true and I really admire that.

Sure, it is fine to change your dreams when you grow up. There might be good reasons for that you do not want to become a princess anymore.

Imagine yourself five years ago. This period is more manageable. What dreams did you have? What were your goals? If you have written goal statements from that time, even better.

Now, think about what you have achieved today? What goals are still on your list and what other goals are not relevant for you anymore.

The Future You

What about the future you? Let’s say you in five years from now? How would your ideal life look like? And, what can you start today in order to make this vision come true?

And now, think about yourself at the end of your life? The number one regret of people on their death bed is not having lived a life true to themselves? Number two is that they wished they had spent more time with their families and friends. You see, nothing about cars, houses and the latest iPhone’s here.

Are you on the right track?

The “Now” You

The “Now” is the most important time. Firstly, because you live now and this will always be the case. Secondly, because now is the time when you can initiate any change.

Consider goal setting to be a contract with the future you. Learn from the past, plan for the future but live in the now and enjoy it.

What Next

There is a life priority planner available on You can assess your current situation in various areas of your life such as health, family and career. Then, you can specify how these areas should develop in the future. You can print that diagram and put it on your fridge so you always see which areas still need your attention – and than you will have no regrets later.

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